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We want to do our best to serve the big areas and provide optimum, timely, best quality to our customers and take a big step in the field of expertise and increase the knowledge and operational capability of all components of the polyethylene industry chain in Iran.
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About IPACO Co.

What is today generating a country is the proper use of resources and assistance to large and small organizations that, in any business ergonomic, increase operational capacity and exploit more in the field of manufacturing and / or provision of services.

Certainly, you will also believe that the polyethylene industry in Iran is one of the most important industries of the country, which, in addition to the expansion and volume of financial resources available, has many problems within. Which caused great troubles for the reputable industry professionals of the polyethylene industry including you. Dilemmas at the level of suppliers and the level of respectable manufacturers and at the level of companies and organizations that require the supply of polyethylene components, such as polyethylene pipes, polyethylene joints, etc. which induced The loss of supply capitals was due to the lack of access to technical information and other specialized information needed to supply polyethylene products.

You also know that the lack of access to knowledge resources to identify first-hand suppliers and the achievement of a group with good technical, experimental and scientific knowledge for consulting and supplying quality products to carry out the largest construction projects in the field of water supply, gas , Agriculture (where polyethylene products are very popular), is one of the disadvantages that has hurt the industry for many years, and in addition ,caused many of the loss of the capitals and natural resources of The country like water and gas. Due to the great problems of water and the ergonomic changes that our beloved Iran is involved with, this issue can bring about irreparable damage to both the economic situation of the country and the level of relations of our beloved country in the future.

For this purpose, a group of young people and industry experts in the polyethylene industry of Iran named IPACO, for the first time in Iran, in order to increase their convergence and increase the potential operational capability in the industry, were used their knowledge and ability to solve the problems that The topics discussed above and in addition to the following:



1. One of the problems facing the polyethylene pipe and fittings industry is the existence of many intermediaries between final manufacturers and consumers, which is sometimes difficult to identify first-order goods.


2. Due to the use of polymer materials in the manufacture of polyethylene fittings and the reversibility of polymer materials, polyethylene materials can be melted several times and used, this is prohibited in the national standard for the production of pipes and fittings of polyethylene, and pipes and Polyethylene connections should be made with fresh and first materials, so it is very difficult to recognize the novelty of the materials in these products without testing and in the form of eyesight.


3. Because of the high cost of transportation of polyethylene tubes and related fittings, it is difficult to buy these products and locate the most suitable supplier in some areas.


4. Due to the high cost of polyethylene, the Rls. volume of the polyethylene and polyethylene pipes and tubes are considerable even in small projects. It is very difficult to finance these products.
Hence, we have been working to make it as incredible as possible with your dear managers and craftsmen, in order to reach the most sophisticated organization. We are ready to create specialized departments in oil, gas, petrochemical, water and sewage industries, agriculture, and agriculture. Provide all necessary services in the field of supplying all types of pipes, fittings, valves and equipment required in the country's polyethylene industry in accordance with national and international standards. And in order to bring more convergence with other professionals and loved ones and manufacturing and supply companies, polyethylene products offer basic solutions such as the following solutions:


1. Using the 15-year-old experience of its executives in the field, IPACO knows best the true and real producers, and assures you the first-hand experience of these products.


2. The company, based on the knowledge of the active polymer engineers in its portfolio, and in conjunction with the most reliable laboratories and inspection companies of this industry, ensures the production of quality products made of new raw materials.


3. Using the financial mechanism designed to create credit for contractors and buyers of pipe and fittings of polyethylene, IPACO will minimize the financial burden on final consumers.


4. We have selected the most suitable and closest producer with the full knowledge of the producers of different provinces in the area of supply chain and their regional categorization and have provided a minimal transportation cost for their products.

We want to do our best to serve the big areas and provide optimum, timely, best quality to our customers and take a big step in the field of expertise and increase the knowledge and operational capability of all components of the polyethylene industry chain in Iran.

Our Services

Oil, gas and petrochemicals

Oil, gas and petrochemicals



Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

Supply of polyethylene products and equipment in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries

Our homeland is not owned by the generations of yesterday and today, we want to give our descendants peace and tranquility, and its oil and gas reserves are limited. And we will come to this end by protecting these resources. The use of optimal polyethylene products will make our oil, gas and petrochemical projects aim more realistic, the team of Iran PoliCo, with its knowledge and experience of human resources, can supply you with pipes and fittings Metal, pipe and fittings of polyethylene, industrial valves, instrumentation and control equipment and other goods needed in the polyethylene industry.

Supply of polyethylene products and equipment in the field of water and sewage and power

Considering the necessity of reforming the water and wastewater infrastructure of the country and the efforts of the authorities of Iran for water supply to the deprived areas of the country and the optimal use of the country's water resources and border rivers In our country and preventing the waste of drinking water of old urban and rural water networks, in recent years the use of metal pipe and fittings, as well as polyethylene pipes and fittings and sewage equipment with the aim of modernizing water supply networks has increased, while the lack of use of goods Desirable in this regard, more and more attention is being paid. The PoliCo complex will help activists in this field by gathering the necessary tools in this regard.

Providing supplies and equipment for polyethene in the field of agriculture and horticulture

In the present age, with the expansion of the global population and the need to provide food for a mass population on the one hand, and the shortage of water, energy and arable land, on the other hand, traditional agricultural methods are no longer accountable. Therefore, the use of modern cropping and harvesting methods aimed at improving productivity is imperative. Therefore, it is expected that the integrated approach and the use of intelligent agriculture will increasingly focus on the optimal use of resources and increased productivity. It is clear that our beloved Iran is not only an exception to this rule, but also to take a more dynamic and effective approach to climate change and the reduction of water supplies and the importance of its management and the need to adhere to social responsibilities towards our children. In this regard, the managers of Iran PoliCo. try to make their commitment and commitment with the best quality of polyethylene products and providing the most favorable agricultural and irrigation services.

Supply and import of measuring instruments and control equipment (instrumentation) in various industrial, civil and mining fields

IPACO believes that the use of the best equipment and tools that made by the best brands in Iran and the world is one of the main elements for precise control and reliable of end-products and that is an effective step towards high quality and productivity improvement in the country's industry. Therefore, this company is ready in the shortest time to supply control equipment and instrumentation of the best brands in the entire world.

1- Supplying of polyethylene pipes, metal and polyethylene fittings, equipment and supplies needed for agricultural water transfer, pressure irrigation and greenhouses.
2- Design and implementation of project Designs:
  • • Irrigation under pressure (drip and rain)
  • • Greenhouse with metal structures
  • • Geomembrane water storage pools
  • • Agricultural water pipelines and pumping stations
  • • Hydraulic structures including cabling, water transfer channels, open drainage, calvert and bridge, regulators
  • • Intubation and hydraulic welding of polyethylene pipe
  • • Non-removable land drainage networks
  • • Pools and fish breeding ponds and aquaculture

3- Polyethylene goods and equipment in water and sewage
  • • Polyethylene pipe and fittings
  • • Laminated polyethylene pipe
  • • Double-acting kargite tube
  • • Double Spiral Tube
  • • Polyethylene manhole
  • • Polyethylene tank
  • • Polyethylene septic tanks
  • • PVC pipes and fittings
  • • Steel pipes and fittings
  • • Cast iron fittings
  • • Gates
4- Supply of control and instrumentation equipment and instruments used in various fields:
  • • The types of calves
  • • Types of micrometers
  • • Gages
  • • Depth gauges
  • • Marking tool
  • • set square
  • • Inspection equipment
  • • Circular meters
  • • Data transfer tools


We believe sustainable development, continuous improvement and customer orientation in all processes of our organization is a current value and culture and we are working hard to fulfill the following commitments.


Emphasizing the quality of service delivery as a factor in increasing competitive ability and the culture of the client, with the emphasis on focusing on social responsibility.


Striving to improve processes as well as improving the quality of service provision as a learning, strategy-driven, and technology-based organization while monitoring technological developments, using statistics, information and tools for statistical analysis and benefit Successful and unsuccessful experiences.


Believing in group work and paying attention to productivity, while respecting ethical principles and ethics and giving priority to doing things thoroughly and in the best way.


Attention to manpower as the most important capital and business agent and to focus on choosing, educating, employing appropriately and assigning responsibility and taking care of mental health of the staff, paying attention to the ideas and creativity of individuals and participating in decision making. To motivate the staff more.

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